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Managed Databases Is Generally Available + Spaces Comes to Frankfurt

André Bearfield

Posted: May 9, 20194 min read

Here at DigitalOcean, we’re working hard to enhance our platform so that you can store and retrieve all sorts of data reliably and quickly.

Since we launched Managed Databases for PostgreSQL, many customers have expressed appreciation for how easy it is to spin up managed, worry-free database clusters. With features such as automatic failover and backups, you don’t have to worry about issues that could prove disastrous with a self-managed database.

DigitalOcean’s managed databases have been a game changer. They’ve done a fantastic job of removing the complexity of setting up, tuning, and securing databases for production use. We aren’t database administrators, so it’s been a blessing to navigate the simple user interface and confidently complete tasks in a few clicks that would have previously taken us days of research to accomplish.– Brad Kilshaw, Founder, Nivel Technologies

Over the past few months, some of you have already come to rely on our managed Postgres service. But, for anyone still on the fence, we’re pleased to announce that Managed Databases for PostgreSQL is now production ready and Generally Available. In addition, today we’re introducing new features, including a free, integrated monitoring service that automatically provides insights and allows you to set alerts for your databases.

Also, on the topic of data storage, we’re pleased to share that our object storage service, Spaces, is now available in our Frankfurt data center (FRA1).

Monitor and manage your database, all in one place

To help you maintain high performance for your PostgreSQL database, DigitalOcean has integrated a free monitoring service right into the Managed Databases dashboard. Database cluster performance metrics help you size and scale your database’s underlying infrastructure to meet current and future demand. With our integrated insights, you’ll see resource utilization aggregated for your entire cluster:

  • CPU usage
  • 1-, 5- and 15-minute load average
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage

To stay informed about the health of your cluster, you can also set up alert policies on these same metrics, with email and Slack notification options.

To sustain peak PostgreSQL performance, it’s also critical that you monitor your database access patterns to know when and how to optimize your schema and configuration. DigitalOcean takes the guesswork out of monitoring your access patterns by providing key indicators of database performance, including:

  • Connections and connection limits
  • Cache hit ratio
  • Sequential scans versus index scans
  • Row fetch, insert, update and delete throughput
  • Deadlock creation rate
  • Replication delay

If, after monitoring and optimizing your database, you conclude that you should upscale your database to improve performance, or downscale your database to reduce costs, DigitalOcean makes cluster resizing simple and painless.

Having fully automated replication, backups and other database level configuration is a must for us. So we were incredibly happy when DigitalOcean announced their Managed Databases service. This plus their predictable pricing and awesome support made our choice of cloud vendor an easy one.– Raphael Costa, CTO @ Eficiência Fiscal

Ensure fast performance with global data distribution

To help ensure fast application performance, we always recommend that you locate your Droplets and your data close to your users.

Managed Databases are Generally Available in eight locations

With today’s launch, you can now create Managed Databases for PostgreSQL in all of our data center regions: New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Bangalore.

DigitalOcean Managed Databases gave us an out-of-the-box PostgreSQL cluster with a few clicks. Our customers noticed a huge performance change of our application and our DevOps team got a better way to manage the database.– Fernando Ruiz, Lead Developer,

Spaces Object Storage is now available in Frankfurt

Additionally, Spaces, our object storage with a built-in CDN, is now available in Frankfurt, as well as San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Content Ignite now uses nearly all of DigitalOcean’s product offerings, but the object storage provided by DigitalOcean Spaces and the ease of use of the DigitalOcean API are two qualities that our team has come to value in particular.– Lee Groombridge, CEO, Content Ignite

Much more to come

Today is a significant milestone on a much longer journey to build out a broad set of services for storing and retrieving data. Our next priority for Managed Databases is to support the ability to run your databases in a Private Network, allowing users to isolate communication at the account or team level. Additionally, we’re hard at work to support additional database engines, such as MySQL and Redis.

But if PostgreSQL is your relational database du jour, we would love for you try our Managed Databases for PostgreSQL. And, as always, we’d be glad to hear your feedback.

Happy coding,

André Bearfield

Sr. Product Manager


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