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Meet Marketplace Partner Restyaboard: Self-Hosted Kanban Boards, With a Little Extra

Posted: August 6, 20194 min read

This is a guest post from Jimmy Johns, cofounder of Restyaboard.

Cloud platforms, mobile apps, and IoT are just a few technologies that are merging workspaces and living spaces. While the benefits of a remote workforce may seem obvious for the worker, there are many operational benefits for organizations when they enable a remote workforce culture. This includes access to a greater talent pool, real estate and overhead savings, higher productivity levels, and even employee retention.

However, with the rise of virtual companies, having a distributed workforce can make it especially challenging to coordinate plans and track deliverables across remote teams that may comprise vendors, partners, clients, and stakeholders. Collaboration and transparency across remote teams and external stakeholders becomes even more complex and critical.

This new market dynamic has created space – and demand – for cloud-based productivity and project management tools, and the success of tools like Trello is a testament of a growing market demand. While list-tracking tools have become the mainstay for organizations, privacy and security are at the forefront of deciding which application to go with. If you love Trello but are concerned about security and data privacy, you may want to consider a self-hosted option, which means you install, run, and manage an app by yourself – on your own cloud server.

Enter Restyaboard

Restyaboard is an open-source, enterprise-rich application designed to track and visualize the progress of the project. Using a simple and familiar card-based layout for tasks, users can consolidate boards from Trello, Asana, Github, Kantree.io, Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, and Wekan into a single pane of glass.

Other features include calendar syncing, version tracking, two-factor authentication, the ability to define user roles and work offline, and flexible view options to nest comments, expand cards, or color code lists.

While these are some of the prominent features of the app, there are many use cases for Restyaboard that enhance workplace productivity.

Secure Collaboration for Agencies, Clients & Vendors

Restyaboard is an extensible platform that can be shared securely to groups of people outside of the organization – agencies, clients, vendors, etc. With security features and role-based privileges, users can easily and securely share links and attachments on projects. Due-date features allow you to implement and modify deadlines, with tasks automatically syncing to Google Calendar. And whether you work autonomously or as part of a team, you can use collaboration features to store ideas, start discussions, and find new approaches to the problems.

Management for Content Strategy, Production & Promotion

For quick and accurate planning and execution, you can create cards that are color-coded, templatized for faster production, and customized with notification settings. Flexible organization options allow you to create a card for each blog post or batches of articles – or to store everything in a single card. You can also add post topics, keywords, and backlink requirements, and you can keep your content calendar up to date. With Google Docs integration, writers can share the link in the card where stakeholders can add comments directly to the document or cowrite with several writers.

Guided Project Review & Approval Process

The reviewing features are tailored for content creators and designers alike, allowing tasks to be reviewed by several team members at once and minimizing the likelihood of errors. User can comment on and edit copy, and designers can share multiple mockups for feedback and rounds of revisions. Primary stakeholders can perfect and approve deliverables before they are published or shared with a client.

Streamlined Email Marketing Workflow

By using a single card for each goal of your email marketing strategy, you can add a mailing list to a single card, the email copy, images to be used, and the newsletter design or code, ensuring all assets are housed in a single place.

Any project can be templatized and repurposed to speed up creative cycles and maintain brand consistency.

Dynamic & Continuous Feedback Within Your Team

Once a project is complete, teammates can add feedback to associated project cards. Encourage them to share what went well, what didn’t work, and how processes could be improved going forward. These retrospectives result in continuous improvements and allow for local and distributed teams to provide feedback and contribute to projects, no matter where they are in the world. Moreover, seeing colleagues’ comments can encourage shy people to add their insights to the cause.

Restyaboard is designed for expansion, and we currently offer several application and widget integrations to help optimize capabilities – including Slack and GSuite. We likely have an integration option for you already, and we’re we’re constantly adding new tools to this list.

We hope you give Restyaboard a try! Check out our 1-Click integration on DigitalOcean’s Marketplace, and let us know what you think.


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