Memory-Optimized Droplets are Now Generally Available

Posted 2019-10-30  in Product Updates
Memory-Optimized Droplets

This past September we introduced Memory-Optimized Droplets, which feature a generous 8GB of RAM for each dedicated vCPU. Memory-Optimized Droplets are best for memory-intensive applications, like high-performance SQL or NoSQL databases, large in-memory caches and indexes, real-time big data processing, and applications with large JVM requirements.

Memory-Optimized Droplets are production ready, and so today we’re making them Generally Available in the following data centers: New York (NYC1, NYC3), San Francisco (SFO2), and Amsterdam (AMS3). We expect to add these Droplet types in Singapore (SGP1) over the next few weeks, and other data centers in the coming months.

Choosing the Right Type of Droplet

The sort of machine you use to run your app can have a significant effect on your app’s performance. That’s why, over the past few years, we’ve introduced General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, and Memory-Optimized Droplets, in addition to our first offering, the Standard Droplet.

Droplets are now a great fit for nearly all kinds of business or personal applications. The chart below can help you make an informed decision about which type to use and when. In short, a dedicated CPU ensures fast, consistent performance. And if your app skews toward being more RAM-hungry than it is CPU-intensive, go with a Memory-Optimized Droplet.

 For more detailed guidance, check out our documentation regarding choosing the right type of Droplet.

Memory-Optimized Droplets are available in the following configurations:

You can also check out the pricing page for more details.

Try Memory-Optimized Droplets today

You can spin up Memory-Optimized Droplets just like any other Droplet type – simply sign into your account and click "Create" or programmatically provision them via our API or CLI.

If you’d like to speak with someone who can advise you regarding the use of Memory-Optimized Droplets and other DigitalOcean products, we invite you to contact our sales team.

Happy coding!
Karan Chhina
Senior Product Manager, Compute