Never Get Surprised By Your Monthly Invoice Again!

Posted 2014-05-04  in Product Updates,News,Community

UPDATED [March 2019]: Clarified billing alerts

We don't think anyone should be served with an unexpected bill. Users can now opt-in to receive an email alert if their monthly spend exceeds an amount that they define.

This feature was inspired by a Hacker News user who commented on a thread saying, "Amazon should let us know if monthly bill > X and send me a priority email." Many of our own customers had already requested something similar in UserVoice, and it became clear that this was a great idea for any cloud provider.

How It Works

Billing alerts are disabled by default. To enable them, navigate to the Billing options of your account. In the Billing alerts section, check the box and define the alert threshold (which is initially set to $20), then click Save. (For more information, visit our Invoices and Alerts page.) If your Monthly Usage goes over the limit set, you will receive an email alerting you once per billing cycle.

This is simply an email notification. No Droplets are suspended or destroyed. Your feedback will continue to drive our design process – if there are any other features you would like to see let us know here.