Student developers: share your knowledge!

Posted 2019-12-12  in Community

Calling all students!

Here at DigitalOcean, we are committed to supporting developers as they learn. Today we have over 2,300 technical tutorials, eBooks, courses, and more on our Community site.

As we reflect on the end of the year, we would love to see you reflect on how you have grown as a developer – and give back to the community by sharing what you have learned about the cloud. So today we are inviting you to write a post on DEV about your experience using DigitalOcean’s cloud.

If you're a current student who has used the DigitalOcean credit on the GitHub Student Developer pack and you would like to participate, please write up a technical tutorial or blog post about one of your products and post it on DEV. Your post must be tagged with #DigitalOcean and #Students and you must complete your post by December 27th at the end of the day wherever you are in the world. We’ll send out a swag sticker to all qualified participants!

Additionally, GitHub projects may be featured in the GitHub Student Gallery, so link your repo to the post.

If you need support in spinning up your first Droplet, check out our video walkthrough.

We're especially interested in learning about projects that deal with environmental sustainability, as well as those that make use of multiple offerings from the GitHub Student Developer Pack. For some inspiration, take a look at some of our existing tutorials, and consider checking out DigitalOcean’s Technical Writing Guidelines.