Try Ghost. A Simple Blogging Platform. For Free!

Posted 2013-10-15  in News,Community
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With Halloween right around the corner, it is fitting that we formally announce our 1-click install Ghost application feature that will create a Ghost blog in 55 seconds! The wonderful team at Ghost were generous enough to create and share the application image for all DigitalOcean customers. We are so excited about this blogging platform that we want to give away two months of free hosting on a 512MB Droplet plan to new customers! To redeem this offer and to try Ghost for free on DigitalOcean, enter the following promo code when you signup: SSDGHOST10 (expires on November 1st, the day after Halloween)

A little background story... Ghost is a beautifully designed and customizable blogging platform, that went through an awesome journey from a Kickstarter project that received over $100K within 48 hours of their announcement to a full fledged interface, garnering huge enthusiasm since its public launch this week. Ghost focuses on providing users with an easy and elegant way to write and publish their content online. We are very excited to partner with Ghost as they bring their open source blogging platform to the internet.

You can find further details on how to easily install and setup Ghost on DigitalOcean by clicking here.