Two Years After Graduation, DigitalOcean Sponsors Alma Mater

Posted 2014-01-02  in News,Community
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Participating in TechStars back in 2012 was a fundamental growing experience for DigitalOcean. In our efforts to continue to give back to the community, we'll be sponsoring TechStars in 2014.

When we decided to build a product that would deliver the simplest possible virtual private server, TechStars helped to direct our focus and bring idea to product. Learning how to create MVPs (minimum viable product) when testing new features, refining how we analyzed our metrics, and making sure to consider customer feedback proved invaluable lessons.

But our greatest takeaway from the program was the people. Without TechStars, we would not have many of the connections that are vital to what we do here. By sponsoring, we hope to show our gratitude to something that meant so much to us, and to help give a startup the same amazing opportunities we were lucky enough to have ourselves.


The DigitalOcean Team