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We're Presenting at Boulder NewTech

Posted: August 5, 20122 min read

As part of TechStars practice for Demo Day, which is just around the corner this Thursday, all of the 2012 Boulder companies will be presenting at the Boulder New Tech Meetup.

This is the regular monthly meetup that's run in Boulder similar to the NYTM that's run in NYC (which we presented at earlier this year). Our demo at NYTM went over really well and we're excited to be presenting today in Boulder. We'll have a few goodies to give out to those in attendance as a way to say thank you to this wonderful community that's played host to us for the last three months while we've been working on DigitalOcean.

It's really been quite interesting to move from NYC, where the Tech Scene is finally starting to feel like a real community, and be transplanted to Boulder which is of course much smaller in population. But what's really amazing is this small population is so densely packed downtown that it's near impossible not to go to lunch and run into someone from another Tech Startup in the area.

This creates a really amazing atmosphere which makes it feel as if the entire town is rooting for you to succeed and now we totally understand why Brad Feld talks about focusing on the Startup Communities instead of Startup Cities. Cities, despite being more densely populated, are actually much more scattered in terms of their tech companies which makes creating a true sense of community much harder. In NYC it's taken years.

Our time in Boulder is almost up, and although we will be returning to NYC at the end of the program, we have fallen in love with the town of Boulder and we will definitely be returning for many visits!

Thanks Boulder and the Tech Scene here for being Awesome!



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