We're Bringing New Features To Europe: IPv6, Private Networking, CoreOS

Posted 2014-09-10  in Product Updates,News

AMS3 is here! This is our first region in Amsterdam running v1.5 of our backend codebase, and we're actively seeking new regions to service developers throughout Europe. Users spinning up Droplets in the region can now enable IPv6, as well as take advantage of additional benefits, e.g. enabling networking services without the need to power off.

Below are DO articles that will help you get started with IPv6 on your Droplets:

You can also navigate the IPv6 tag for more IPv6 articles and questions in our community

DigitalOcean control panel

There's also been a lot of excitement throughout our community around our recent CoreOS announcement. Now all developers that wish to spin up Droplets in AMS3 can select CoreOS as their operating system, allowing for the easiest way to get started using containers and distributed systems.

You can click here to launch a CoreOS image, or here to check out our tutorial series on getting started with CoreOS.