Engineering Team

Building the best cloud for developers.

Our mission is to build the software that operates and maintains the best cloud for developers. We strive to make it easy for developers to focus on their application, while we take care of the infrastructure.

Developer Experience

Our mission

Our mission is to build simple and powerful tools for modern application developers.

You can find our team working on:

  • Building the DO Marketplace
  • Shepherding the public API/CLI and building the web control panel
  • Providing monitoring and alerting for customers' infrastructure and ways to organize teams and project resources

What we look for:

Candidates who love for making simple, elegant products that help developers along their journey.

open quote"In DevEx Engineering, we're focused on ensuring our customers have the best experience using DigitalOcean as possible. By working closely with Product and Design, we create great user experiences that are fast, easy to use, and help customers achieve their goals. We deploy to production multiple times a day, monitor and operate multiple services, and strive to maintain a straightforward journey on the platform."close quote

Hugo Corbucci

Senior Engineer II


Our mission

We strive to make billing simple, easy to understand, and accurate for all customers.

You can find our team working on:

  • Rating the products or services usage and producing monthly bills
  • Payment processing and posting of the customer’s payments in to their account
  • Managing credit control and collections by taking appropriate actions to collect outstanding payments
  • Recording customers’ disputes against bills and create adjustments to refund disputed amounts
  • Supporting both the pre-paid and the post-paid customer bases
  • Defining various discount schemes in order to reduce customer churn and attract and increase customer base

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about presenting complex cloud infrastructure as simple, configurable tools for our customers.

open quote"Our team focuses on making Billing as simple as possible for our users by building maintainable, high performing systems that can operate at scale. There are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline for us, and never a dull moment!"close quote

Kenny Chen



Our mission

Our mission is offer flexible, reliable and high performance network products and infrastructure enabling customers to deploy production applications in a simple, scalable and secure way.

You can find our team working on:

  • Scaling and delivering performance of world class Network which supports all the products on our cloud
  • Providing customers with security features like VPC, Firewalls and help them scale with LBaaS
  • Driving internal architecture and reliability goals by projects like L3 networks across DCs, Networking Monitoring and performance
  • Serving as the keepers of OVS which is OSS behind all of our networking

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about building highly scalable, resilient and simple network offerings for our customers. We are also looking for people who get excited about solving hard problems while working with an awesome team!

open quote"At DO, I'm able to have a direct impact on shaping the teams, products and experiences that we build for our customers. The open and transparent environment allows you to bring great ideas to the table to execute, so that you not only contribute to your team or product, but also to the overall company's vision. Behind every product we ship lies tremendous efforts from multiple teams working together aligned with a common goal."close quote

Shweta Saraf

Director, Engineering


Our mission

Our mission is to build and operate highly scalable, robust storage systems with simple and elegant user experience.

You can find our team working on:

  • Owning Block Storage, Object Storage, CDN, Database-as-a-Service, Snapshots, and Image Management
  • Building, deploying, and operating several large clusters of Ceph Storage around the world
  • Striving to provide the best quality of service to our customers so they can focus on writing code

What we look for:

Candidates who are systems and detail oriented, understand various types of storage, can think at scale and are passionate about quality.  Our customers rely on us to safely store multi-petabytes of their data that they can reliably access whenever they wish. Our code must be robust, ultra-scalable and fast!

open quote"Customer's data is our top priority. The storage team works hard to provide world class, reliable, and fast systems to store data and continually develop new products. Working at DO allows me to solve complex problems, and our remote culture has enabled me to build strong relationships with my teammates."close quote

Swati Gaikwad

Engineer II


Our mission

Our mission is to deliver simple and easy to use compute products to our customers, from Droplets to managed K8S clusters.

You can find our team working on:

  • Maintaining our HV stack including performance improvements, security updates, etc.
  • Improving our scheduling algorithms to better utilize our compute fleet
  • Solving large distributed systems challenges to keep our fleet operating at top performance

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about a variety of areas, from kernel development to distributed systems and kubernetes.

"What I love about DO is working with amazing people, the remote culture, and collaborative environment. Everybody's opinions and ideas are considered no matter how senior you are. We are passionate about providing the best customer experience and we are always looking for ways to engage with our customers. The innovation and great new products we are working on is what keeps me excited and motivated."