Marketing & Community Team

Building a developer-centric brand.

Our mission is to build a developer-centric brand that accelerates customer growth by engaging and educating the community through useful information and technical resources on simplifying cloud computing.

Developer Relations

Our mission

Establish meaningful relationships throughout the global developer community, by educating, equipping, and empowering them to try, test and build great software on DO. We do this through authentic interpersonal interactions, unique and creative experiences, helpful technical content, inspirational code, and lots of care.

You can find our team working on:

  • Meeting, educating and inspiring developers all over the world
  • Building great apps and demos for developers
  • Writing tutorials on Open Source topics for the Community site
  • Working with external authors through the Write for DOnations program
  • Supporting the Open Source community with Hacktoberfest
  • Developing our Global Meetup strategy
  • Engaging our customers at TIDE conferences
  • Creating the best educational content on Kubernetes, CI-CD, Terraform and Ansible

What we look for:

Candidates who are excited to work within the developer community, thrive in both collaborative and autonomous work environments, and who are seeking professional growth.

open quote"One of DO's values is 'our community is bigger than just us'. Our team exists to serve the developer community through education and engagement both online and offline — and we love doing just that."close quote

Eddie Zaneski

Developer Relations Manager

Customer Acquisition

Our mission

To grow awareness in the market and drive customer acquisition through brand-enhancing programs.

You can find our team working on:

  • Positioning and launching new products and features that differentiate and add value
  • Building and scaling customer acquisition and growth programs
  • Developing channel and customer marketing strategies
  • Creating behavior-based email nurture programs
  • Optimizing the customer journey and funnel
  • Analyzing data to inform future growth initiatives
  • Growing our Hatch startup program

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about data, yet understand the marriage of art + science needed to manage a broad portfolio of channels necessary to grow awareness and scale a customer base.

open quote"Customer Acquisition at DigitalOcean gives you the unique opportunity to grow a global community around a product developers truly love. If you want to be part of a marketing team that cares deeply about education, supporting open source, and helping the world build better apps - join us!"close quote

Sam Coren

User Acquisition Manager

India GTM

Our mission

Build localized go-to-market strategies to increase awareness and customer growth through evangelism, community engagement, partnerships and product marketing.

You can find our team working on:

  • Leading business development & customer acquisition efforts in the region
  • Driving community engagement through customer conferences & roadshows
  • Meeting & educating developers through meetups & workshops
  • Driving partnerships with startup, developer and open-source communities
  • Driving awareness for DO through tech & business focused media platforms

What we look for:

Candidates who are highly self-motivated, entrepreneurial and passionate about working with the developer community.

open quote"As a part of the global GTM team, it's been thrilling to work with some of the best marketeers in the business and help grow this rocket ship that is DigitalOcean in new and emerging markets! Join us if you love experimenting with new marketing and growth ideas to increase DigitalOcean's appeal and relevance to your local business and Developer Community."close quote

Mohan Ram

India Partnerships Manager


Our mission

To build a global brand developers love and businesses trust,

You can find our team working on:

  • Creating the voice, tone, and personality of the company
  • Providing creative content and design for the entire business
  • Spreading the good word about DO via a global comms strategy
  • Building a best-in-class internal and incident comms program
  • Creating and designing brand, advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Sourcing and producing customer stories and testimonials
  • Designing and building new website designs and user experiences
  • Building bridges with our community through social media
  • Ramping up our content marketing strategy

What we look for:

Candidates who are brilliant storytellers that ignite passion and build communities around ideas.

open quote"DigitalOcean is growing fast, so there are a lot of amazing things to talk about. From announcing the latest product features, to rallying the team at all hands meetings, to celebrating our customers' success stories, the communications team keeps our community, customers, and employees engaged and informed."close quote

Lynnette Nolan

Senior Communications Manager