People Team

We’re building an organization that attracts, develops and engages the best talent available.

We’re building an amazing work environment that excites, challenges, motivates, and inspires our teams; and delivers love to every single employee. We strive for a human, healthy culture that drives high performance by supporting people to achieve - and then exceed - their full potential.

Employee Experience

Our mission

To ensure every employee has a meaningful work experience and is engaged, happy, and comfortable in their work environment. We fully support our employees with the counsel, resources, tools, and enthusiasm to allow them to do their best work. We embody DO core values and keep love at the center of our efforts.

You can find our team working on:

  • Supporting leaders with thoughtful talent decisions through People Business Partner collaboration
  • Driving Employee Engagement by creating meaningful experiences in our New York, Cambridge & Bangalore offices
  • Bringing the love to and engaging our Remote Employees
  • Ensuring all employees feel like they’re working in a safe, inclusive environment where we respond rapidly to Employee Relations concerns
  • Making sure our new hires are set up for success in our one of a kind Onboarding program
  • Bringing everyone together for internal company events to create and maintain employee connections

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about driving our company culture forward and shaping an engaging, inclusive environment for our employees.

open quote“Our team is dedicated to creating an energizing, engaging, and fulfilling experience for our employees. Starting from their first day, onwards, we're here to champion DO's core value of 'love is what makes us great'!”close quote

Katie Birch

Manager, Employee Experience

People Operations

Our mission

To design thoughtful internal People systems and infrastructure that embodies our core values and enables the organization to operate at its highest potential. We derive insights through data analysis that drive informed decisions and deliver metrics to monitor and promote success.

You can find our team working on:

  • Building scalable infrastructure within each stage of the recruitment and employee lifecycle to ensure a consistent, repeatable process while delivering best-in-class candidate and employee experiences
  • Managing internal programs such as DO's wellness program, referral program, company-wide interviewer training program, and the DO Alumni Community
  • Driving deep reporting and analytics on attrition, compensation, headcount, pipeline health, hiring speed, source of hire, source effectiveness, etc.
  • Providing interview and offer support for candidates, interviewers, and recruiters
  • Partnering strategically across the other People disciplines to ensure a seamless transition from candidate to new hire

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about building process and infrastructure to make operations more automated, efficient, and impactful.

open quote“With candidate experience top of mind, we’re building a well-oiled recruiting machine to ensure we’re hiring the most talented candidates as quickly as possible.”close quote

Olivia Melman

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Talent Acquisition

Our mission

To get the best talent in the world to join DigitalOcean. We create compelling and authentic candidate experiences, and provide strategic talent partnership to hiring leaders to ensure productive, efficient, and impactful interview processes.

You can find our team working on:

  • Supporting people managers at all levels by providing a frictionless recruiting process that enables teams to successfully interview and evaluate talent for their teams, and make thoughtful hiring decisions
  • Providing candidates with a superior candidate experience that exemplifies DO's values and culture
  • Ensuring all interviewers at DO are trained in industry best practices through our in-house Sailor Certification Program
  • Leveraging data to inform our decisions on how to increase efficiencies to hire top talent better and faster
  • Strategically sourcing candidates for current and future roles across the company
  • Building and fostering a positive employee brand through every recruiting related interaction

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about scouting top-notch talent to ensure our teams have the right people, in the right roles as we scale.

open quote"The impact Recruiting has on DO is unlimited — we're able to strategically advise our hiring managers, empower our interviewers to minimize unconscious bias and ensure a fair hiring process, and ultimately, hire the best talent in the market."close quote

Kiley Rumpf

Technical Recruiter

Talent Development

Our mission

To unlock the potential of DO’s people in service of reaching high levels of performance and achieving extraordinary results. We are champions of a deliberately developmental culture and strive to cultivate and scale the principles, practices, and experiences that make it a reality.

You can find our team working on:

  • Designing developmental opportunities at scale  that grow & develop our employees, managers, and leaders
  • Managing talent processes that foster a growth mindset, drive high performance, and maintain a feedback enabled culture (i.e. feedback cycle, talent calibration and promotion process)
  • Supporting team development and performance through offsite design and facilitation
  • Ensuring all employees know how to grow at DigitalOcean through the design and definition of career paths with clear expectations and experiences for each level

What we look for:

Candidates who love to learn and foster learning in others.