Technical Program Management Team

Streamlining the delivery of projects, programs, and products.

The Technical Program Managers strive to create better communication, structure, collaboration, and best practices in the delivery of cross-functional and internal team projects, programs, and products.

Technical Program Management

You can find our team working on:

  • Partnering closely with one another to maintain consistency of prioritization, planning, and execution practices within our functional areas (Engineering, Product, Infrastructure, and Business Operations).
  • Championing Agile best practices, and providing coaching and support to teams across the company.
  • Being obsessed with helping teams successfully meet their goals.
  • Proactively identifying, analyzing and improving upon existing processes with a goal of optimization and effectiveness.

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about transforming chaos into clarity.

"Every day at DO brings challenging and rewarding opportunities to support the growth of the product engineering team by maintaining a fine balance between structure and flexibility, allowing creativity to flourish and delivery to accelerate."

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Katerina Guseva
Senior Technical Program Manager, Engineering

"DO's unique and remote friendly culture empowers us as TPMs to collaborate and stay aligned as a fully distributed team. We've created a culture of supporting each other by idea sharing, strategy sessions, and regular 'TPM Guild' meetings, ultimately driving success across the high impact initiatives we work on and across the many teams we partner with."

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Kelvin Sezto
Senior Technical Program Manager

"We have the tremendous challenge to not only ensure that DO customers have the most reliable infrastructure today, but also to continuously adapt it with the latest technologies to get ahead of our customers' growth and evolving needs. I love being part of a team that’s really good at what they do and has fun doing it."

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Jenny Liu
Senior Technical Program Manager, Infrastructure