User Experience Team

Delivering a clear, consistent, and memorable experience.

Our mission is to deliver a clear, consistent, and memorable experience to our existing and potential users. We do this by understanding our users through research, designing based on insights and business objectives, and validating our ideas through different methods. Rinse and repeat.

User Experience

You can find our team working on:

  • Partnering cross-functionally with Engineering, Product, and Marketing to maintain consistency of our users' experience
  • Ideating new ways of supporting our customers' workflow
  • Prototyping ideas to validate our solutions using InVision, code, and lots of white boarding
  • Following our design principles to ensure alignment with our ultimate goal of simplicity
  • Conducting ongoing research to enhance and update what we know about our users, their use cases, and their goals/challenges
  • Maintaining the look and feel of DO's interfaces across all products

What we look for:

Candidates who are passionate about creating simple experiences in a complex world.

"We’re reimagining how developers experience "the cloud" and that demands a rigorous process from our design team. It’s a challenging space, but nothing beats that feeling of hearing 'I didn’t know I wanted this' from a customer.”

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Celia McQueen
Sr. Product Designer

"In Product Design, we turn complexity into simplicity by sweating the details, collaborating with and learning from teammates, listening to our customers, and making sure we have fun along the way."

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Hayden Tarr
Sr. Product Designer

"I love working at DO because it IS actually about "love". Doing the work that I love, along with others who are just as passionate about their work and care about the same thing I do: helping our customers change the world for the better."

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Colleen Diez
Lead User Researcher