1 strange transaction in wordpress talking 300-600s in app server. is it a malware?

October 15, 2016 1.4k views
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since this afternoon, my server crases couple of times. later what i found, one strange transaction is alive talking 300-600s in app server causing 3x high memory for php-fpm.

the link what i found is

but i really dont understand what it is, and theres no such file in that directory. is it virus?

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Is this request resulting in a 404? If not then I would be concerned even if you are not seeing a file. If the result is a 404 and there is no file present I would be less concerned as it may be a script looking for a specific exploit by scanning WordPress sites. Either way, it’s extremely important when running WordPress to ensure that both WordPress and your OS are kept up to date by running regular updates and using caution about which plugins and themes you install.

  • @ryanpq
    thanks for the reply.

    i solved the problem already. i found some unusual files in my server which i believe was malware. i did remove all of them and secure my server that day and since i didnt had any further issue.

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