10Gbps, IPv6 Public IP, higher data cap service

June 7, 2019 285 views
CentOS DigitalOcean

Hi, we’re interested in getting your service for several cloud machines located on different data centers. We are working with US Mobile Carriers to test 5G Network Speeds, thus we will also need IPv6 Public IP addresses for those. Our concern is the data cap that you have on every plan, is there a special arrangement we can do with you guys to have higher data cap? We’re looking somewhere around 300TB per machine, per month.

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Hey there,

We do not, by default, offer custom plans that can be modified in that way; our Droplets come with fixed network speeds and bandwidth limits. The overage cost is relatively cheap on any individual Droplet.

I’d recommend reaching out to our Sales team with as many details as you can on your requirements. They can then offer topical assistance from our end!

Ethan Fox
Developer Support Engineer II - DigitalOcean

Hello, thank you for your response. Unfortunately I sent couple of ‘messages’ using https://www.digitalocean.com/company/contact/sales/ and haven’t gotten a reply. Is there other ways or a phone number i can call to reach the sales team?

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