150$ of DO credit but got a 20$ invoice

June 7, 2019 180 views
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Hello. As I registered as a new user and GitHub Student Pack I got 100$ and 50$ of DO credit.

However this first month I got an invoice of the two Droplets I have (20$) and it was taken from my credit card.

Can anyone help me?


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Hey there,

If you write in a Support ticket (https://do.co/new-ticket) our team can evaluate why you were charged specifically in this case. Without the details of your Cloud account here in Community it is hard for me to make an accurate assumption.

Ethan Fox
Developer Support Engineer II - DigitalOcean

Hey thanks for your answer.

I created a ticket a two days ago ([DigitalOcean] Ticket #02731858: Got an invoice but have 150$ of credit) but haven't had any answer yet. That's why I asked here if anyone else knew...

Should I wait?


  • @scros97

    Thank you for providing the ticket ID. I have your ticket pulled up on our end, and will be following up with you shortly with additional details.

    All the best,

    Jonathan Tittle
    Manager, Support

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