2 apps (my own + client's) on 1 droplet: memory, disc space, legal and other consequences?

May 28, 2018 896 views
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The client is my friend, too and there's trust so we can share a droplet (2 wordpress apps managed by Server Pilot). We use 30% disc storage, KiB memory is almost used, KiB swap memory is still fully available. His site is not official yet, its not a big scale (I dont expect a huge traffic), When I backup with All-in-one-WP-migration both sites are around 300MB now.

Content-wise (posts + images) they will grow. Are we fine staying on the same standard plan droplet? ( memory 1GB; 1 vCPU; disc:20 GB - $5/mo) I heard people having 3-5 sites on the same droplet. ARe there other consequences:
f.e. LEGAL? Or is my app (site) more prone to crashing if there's another app on the same server? (I manage through Server Pilot, so 2 apps are clearly separate, still the same user. )

I need to understand that before I decide to run on 2 separate droplets. Thank you!!!

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