2 million page-views with DigitalOcean - Using Wordpress - Best Droplet

October 16, 2014 3k views

I need some advice's from you guys on how best to optimize my VPS with DO using WordPress and serving to 1.8m - 2.2m page-views.
Here are some background Google Analytics stats at this time:
15 October Stats:
Daily Unique: 12,000 users
Daily Sessions: 18,000
Page-views: 62,000
Usually site gets abt 100-120 page-views per minute

Question 1:
Now, I am thinking to start with 1GB Droplet, and scale it as I need.. What do you think?

Question 2:
After reading all articles and comment, I decided that the site would perform best using these spec:

Ubuntu 12.04 + Nginx + MariaDB + PHP-FPM + Varnish + Memcached + SWAP + W3 Total Catch
Should Varnish + Memcached + SWAP + W3 all work good together?
What about FastCGI ?

Should I follow the tutorial to create a Layer 4 or layer 7 for such a Website to handle the traffic or not ?
Or only Load Balancing with HAProxy?

Looking forward to receive your answers and suggestions,
Thank you in advance,

1 Answer

Replace PHP-FPM with HHVM, Varnish won't make much difference if you've set up NGINX properly.
Throw some CloudFlare at it to reduce server load.

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