4 hours and still waiting on snapshot to finish

September 15, 2017 2.2k views
DigitalOcean Backups Ubuntu 16.04

I have been waiting over 4 hours for my snapshot to finish. This is a $10 a month droplet. I am only using about 9GB.

I have logged out and back in to make sure the console wasn't stuck.

It has been at 50% for over 3 hours.

Ticket has been submitted for 2 hours.

Anyone had this happen before? Don't think I'll be using snapshots anymore.

2 Answers

We have found at SnapShooter that sometimes snapshots hang but only very rarely. We have taken 1000's of snapshots and only had a couple fail.

Based on our data 9gb should take 7-9 minutes to backup, we do find if a server is under extremely high load they take a bit longer. But I would say in your instance it's broken.

Once it's been unjammed I would not let it discourage you from taking snapshots.

same issue , snapshot is over than 6 hours !!!

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