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Hi. The site has a lot of products… I really don’t understand most of them.. and Im a simple user.. so Im little lost in the website… I have been recommended to this website from friends that work with digitalocean services.. my question I think is very simple.. I need a hosting for my website.. its a simple website because it is a simple landing page… I have the domain and the website builded… The only thing I need is the host.. a place to upload the files and watch the website running… Considering that Im a basic user with no much demands…I want to know 3 things…
1° I will be billed by month? Or by year? It is possible to choose?
2° How much do I have to pay by month or by year, how much amount, please clarify me.
3° How do I adquire this service… Web hosting.. which are the steps or where do I have to click to adquire them..
4º How much space do I have, do I have a smtp server or email

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @tefatenuta,

I’ll reply to your questions in the order you’ve asked them. If I miss somethings, please let me know and I’ll correct it.

  1. DigitalOcean billing cycles are monthly only. Your account balance accrues over the course of the calendar month based on the cost of the resources you use. DigitalOcean is also required by law to apply taxes for certain countries. DigitalOcean automatically invoices and charges your account’s primary payment method on the first day of each month for the previous month’s usage, or partway through the month if you exceed your account’s usage threshold. You can read more about it here:

  1. The amount depends on the service/droplet you have and the network you use. Basically, in addition to your billing, you can be billed based on Bandwidth. Droplets include free outbound data transfer, starting at 1,000 GiB/month for the smallest plan. Excess data transfer is billed at $0.01/GiB. For example, the cost of 1,000 GiB of overage is $10. Inbound bandwidth to Droplets is always free. More about it here

Let me summarize these two questions so far. On this page here:

You can see all the droplets that are being provided. What I’ll recommend is to go for the smallest Basic Droplet. Almost all the time it will be enough for your needs, it’s the cheapest and can always be upgraded. The price as I can see currently is 5$ per month (without the bandwidth billing). I have such a droplet and my bills come about 7$ per month but that’s based on traffic.

  1. In order to acquire a droplet, you need to create one from your control panel at –> Create —> Choose your Droplet.

Having said that, I’ll recommend choosing one Droplet from the MarketPlace. It comes with everything you need pre-installed -

That’s the LAMP droplet, it comes with Apache2, MySQL, PHP, Fail2BAN, Postfix and Certbot. With these, you can have a website, e-mails, and everything needed to host a website.

  1. Regarding mails, it is possible to use the Droplet for mails but I don’t recommend it. Firstly because DigitalOcean blocks port 25 for new users which means you’ll need to use port 465 for SMPT(which is better as well as nobody should use port 25) however you’ll need to configure all the required e-mail policies by yourself required by other mail servers. In such cases, I always recommend people to use a third-party mailing service, there are a lot of free ones.

Hope this helps!

  • Hi, thanks for your answer. If I understood correctly I need to get a droplet; and the “service + droplet” its aproximatly 7 per month.
    The site won’t have much traffic its a landing page for a lawyer.. only for contact things will be. So email is important… In othet host that I had, I have been given a smtp site for example with ssl information and etc… Will I recieve one from here also? As I said it isn’t veryyyy important about a sofisticated email because is only for some querys.. few ones…but its important to have at least one for example like the example I gave for configuration… Because I don’t understand much but the site is builded I only have to configure the Contact-form and add the smtp info digitalocean gives me so the contact-form works correctly, thats why I need the info… The contacts will be redirected to a gmail mail.

    Thats all. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi @tefatenuta,

      Yes, about 7$ per month but it will be a floating number as described why.

      As for the e-mail, you’ll need to configure everything on your own, like install services and configure them but DigitalOcean have a lot of tutorials in that regard that will help you out. This is why I suggested using a third party service for e-mails, you just point your MX record to them and all e-mails are managed by them.