403 errors on Nginx server

April 9, 2019 194 views

I have installed ruby on rails on digital ocean with NGINX and Passanger.
the site was working find but after trying to install free ssl, it goes full wrong.
i was following this article and i made some mistakes.
and the site down with 403 forbidden errors.

How can i overcome this problem?

thank you

1 Answer

It may be a problem with a redirected address or blocked the port. I faced with such a problem when try to install sll too. In my case, it was a problem with a virus. I find this information on avira antivirus review. Try first of all to check your files maybe it`s corrupted too? Anyway, if the problem will persist, contact me, I will contact with you and try to help solve it.

  • hello,
    thank you for your replay.
    i have created a new droplet, with that rails working file, now the problem is how can i add subdomain to my site where i can install wordpress?
    do you have any idea.
    thank you

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