403 forbidden with -some, but not all- included JavaScript files.

January 4, 2014 5.7k views
-Ubuntu 13.10 LAMP- I'm getting 403 errors for my included JavaScripts libs when viewing my website. All site files are owner/group root, and all files have permissions 755. Only the included library files are throwing the 403 error. CSS and PHP scripts (and my custom JavaScript files) run and execute fine. Only some included minified JavaScript libraries are giving the 403 error. I have tried: chmod root:www-data path/to/scripts.min.js chown 775 path/to/scripts.min.js and I still get the 403 errors. Any ideas what I'm missing? Thanks, Chris
1 Answer
So odd...the scripts were located in a directory /js/vendor/script.min.js. I moved them up one level and this solved the issue.

Clueless, but it works now.

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