502 bad gateway after root password reset

December 7, 2018 653 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

After reseting the password the wordpress site went offline with error 502, the nginx log error indicates that

"listen () to [::] :80, backlog 511 failed (98: adress already in use) "

1 Answer

Looks like port 80 is not released by whichever process was running earlier.

So, kill that process with:

sudo fuser -k 80/tcp

Then restart Nginx.

Curiously I've seen this "backlog 511" error in Plesk. Do you use Plesk? If so, switch off and on Nginx by going to Tools & Settings > Services Management.

If that didn't work, tell us exactly what password you changed.

  • sudo: fuser: command not found

    on CentOS

    • Got it done with fuser and restarted nging but still no luck... other sites on same server work - just one KeystoneJS site went down after password reset.

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