Since a couple of days I’m receiving 503 Slow Down Response when dealing with your Spaces. I’m using Spaces as a Backup Service to daily backup my production applications. Only one applications out of 14 is causing this problems.

Error executing "ListObjects" on "https://****.fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/?prefix=medicalinformatics.ch%2F&encoding-type=url"; AWS HTTP error: Server error: `GET https://***.fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/?prefix=****.ch%2F&encoding-type=url` resulted in a `503 Slow Down` response: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error> <Code>SlowDown</Code> <Message>Please reduce your request rate.</Message> (truncated...) SlowDown (server): Please reduce your request rate. - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error> <Code>SlowDown</Code> <Message>Please reduce your request rate.</Message> <RequestId></RequestId> </Error>

There is no way I hitting any max. Limit of Requests. I track it and receive it all the time.

Any idea?

Best regards

  • I’m using SGP region, facing same issue

  • I’m currently facing the same issue. Doing about 20 requests a second.

  • SGP Region, regularly facing this error simply trying to read contents of a folder…

  • I get these errors pretty consistently. I have an automated backup script that runs every evening. It doesn’t make that many API requests. It will run fine for a day or two (always doing the exact same thing, making the exact same requests). However, every couple days I’ll get a SlowDown response. I implemented exponential backoff (get a SlowDown, wait 100ms, try again, get SlowDown, wait 200 ms, try again, 400ms, 800ms, etc.). I get less SlowDown responses, but still every few days I’ll see that I’ve retried a bunch of times, waited up to 4 seconds, and still get SlowDown.

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This is an ongoing error, what are the resolutions?

Hello stanbarrows,

The main reason to cause that maybe is the spaces in FRA region is down in your time.Digitalocean has reported it and soon be fixed.Now you can try again and see if it works well.and,it is always a good habit to see the status page.

Have a nice day.


  • Hi, I have gotten this error as well…and I am currently only developing alone. How can I already hit request ceiling? This service will not be able to provide reliability if this is as is. Isn’t there any metric in the control panel that can display requests? What is the maximum requests per time interval?

    More over, I copied two objects in my Space, I got the 503 error and now one of the objects are gone. In the control panel, I got an error banner but FRA1 was not among the “bug report” list. How trustworthy is the Space service you are offering? It feels very unstable from what I can tell up until now.