550 Your HELO string is incorrect

April 9, 2014 3.6k views
Hi! I have a problem with sending email from my site. Every email returns with this error "550 Your HELO string is incorrect" OS - ubuntu 12.04 CP - vestacp Is anybody knows how to fi this error? Thanks
2 Answers
Tries this?

http://forum.ispsystem.com/ru/showpost.php?s=a515af06e8937ca1b2d08aec29c6b685&p=132591&postcount=2 (chrome translated automatically for me)

Like the link Scott pointed to says, it sounds like you probably have a reference to localhost in one of your configuration files when it should be pointing to your domain.

Check the contents of the "hostname" field of your: /etc/exim/exim.conf

If that isn't the issue, please post any errors found in your exim log files: /var/log/exim_*
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