7 days ago problem not solved ?

January 12, 2017 1.3k views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu


really can’t wait more ! i don’t know what i should to do !! more then a week my service are down with out solution !! no answer from more then 24 hours !!!

There is something urgent on my account and I need to speak with someone no phone service availibe !!!!

you take a decision to lock my account and don’t provide me hosting !! but i need to get my database on this droplet !!! i have pay you to host my data so you locked the account with out no notification and i really need the data in emergency !!! more then a week !!

Please try to do any thing for me it’s so important !!!

please i can’t wait more !!! do anything to give me my data !!!

my ticket number : 1343848

1 Answer

How do you expect !!! the community !!! to help you with your ticket? !!!

  • i need only to get my files from droplet … they authorize me only to access to my file or send me iso files to recover my files .

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