7 seconds freezed after first request

August 1, 2013 3.8k views
Hi everyone! At the beginning of my D.O experience, my website[http://www.4x4up.com] load at 6 - 8 seconds. When I set the domain name on browser, the site instantly request the page objects. Today, after set the domain name, the browser get freezed almost 8 seconds until request the objects... I dont know whats is wrong, because I didnt maded any significant change in the code... And I dont know if this is a DNS resolution problem... or other thing like this... I have a 10mb internet cable and I dont think the problem is mine. Can you help me or suggest something ? Thanks!
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Try creating a static .html file and loading it, is it slow as well? What webserver are you using?
Hi Kamal!
Thanks for the test idea.

Static content is good... I've created http://www.4x4up.com/test.html and it runs fast.
I'm using apache2
My phpInfo - http://www.4x4up.com/test.php

So... thats means there is something on my index.php thats taking so long to load :(
Yes, it must be your application then. Do you have a lot of mysql query calls?
I have some... I will look for tables without index and try other improvements

Thanks :)
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