8 Core CPU works like single core

March 30, 2017 1.9k views
Python Ubuntu 16.04

I resized my droplet from 512M/1CPU to 16G/8CPU. About 10 hours ago, I run a program that requires large amount of computing, the 8CPUs worked well.

However, when I run another program that also requires large amount of computing, it took the program hours to run while the Graphs shows that only 12.5% of CPU was used.

I checked CPU status by using htop command, it shows that usage of 4th core was 100%, the usage of other 7 cores varies between 0.0% to 1.3%.


Is there anyone can help on this problem?

1 Answer

The program you’re using must be quite old, since it doesn’t support any type of multi-threading.
Would it perhaps be possible for you to split up the data it chunks thru and then run 8 programs at the same time, but each processing it’s own chunk of data?

  • Thanks Hansen, you’re right, the program was written in python 2.7 several years ago.

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