8GB VPS Gameserver lag

July 25, 2018 923 views
Java Ubuntu 18.04

Hello, I’m using the 8GB VPS from LON1.
I am having problems with my minecraft server, it is laggy, I mean it takes like 5 seconds to connect to it.
I’m from Romania.

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Hello friend!

It’s hard for me to say with certainty what is causing it to delay that much, but if I were to assume the most likely cause it would be latency. If I were you I would test in a few other locations just to see what you get. There are a lot of variables to latency. I’ll even pay for it, a $10 credit will easily let you spin up in a few locations without any cost to you.

Kind Regards,

  • It wasnt necessary but thank you, i tried in other locations but it was the same, in frankfurt was a little better but thats all..
    Is there nothing I can do?

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