8TB monthly streaming bandwidth price calculation

December 12, 2018 489 views
Networking Ubuntu

Hi, we are planing to stream 8TB data for monthly. We decide to select 4TB Networking(20$) droplet.

See url: https://ibb.co/DbHzscB

We found extra 1TB data is almost 10$ in this document:


We will pay 40$ for extra 4TB data.

Our predicated monthly price is min 20$, max: 60$

Is those prices are current right? Should we wait extra charge for others?


1 Answer

Hey friend,

Great question! You are looking at this correctly. The $20 droplet with 4TB transfer + an additional 4TB of data would cost you $60/m total. Note that if you are in a region in which we charge tax, that would be added on top. You can find out that detail here: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/accounts/billing/taxes/


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