A beginner in need of someplace to begin

September 11, 2015 1.7k views
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My friend Dave got me onto Digital Ocean because I asked him to help me set up a self hosting account for a WordPress business website which I intend to build, unfortunately from from a state of absolute ignorance. The WordPress site has virtually no content yet. What is the very first thing I need to do? Where is the very first place I need to go? Tutorials? An easier webhosting site? .

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As I understand it, you have a droplet (server) with Wordpress up and running and are looking for information on how to get started using it.

Wordpress.org provides a ton of documentation and would be a great place to start. I would recommend starting here.

Other web hosts may provide a control panel that allows you to manage your hosting services themselves but the Wordpress administration interface and the steps you take to set up your blog will be the same.

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