A file that doesn't exist is all I can see...

Posted August 1, 2013 4.3k views
Setting up multiple WP sites using the tutorial: All seemed to be going well: when I set up /var/www/ I added an index.html that read: New server This domain is now pointing at the new server. Now I"ve uploaded my WP files and database and deleted the index.html (around an hour ago). However, it's still showing up! I have set up no caching on the server, and have cleared my cache/used different browser/used different computer/my phone... I'm still getting this stupid index.html that was deleted AAAAGES ago. I then created a new index.html that read "new index" (just incase it was a index.php issue). No change. I've gone back and forth with support and they haven't been able to diagnose it. I've grep'd around and can't find anything on the server with that string. I can't access any of the other files I've uploaded... It's kind of like the server decided it really liked that index.html and doesn't want to change. I'm completely at a loss...

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Did you follow the directives in Step Three of this article How to Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu? Specifically, editing
sudo vim /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf

Also, make sure you have PHP-GD installed:
sudo apt-get -y install php5-gd
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial explains how to install Apache, how to install MySQL, how to change the root MySQL password, how to install PHP, and how to see what libraries are available. LAMP stack is a group of open source software used to get web servers up and running. The acronym stands for Linux, Apache ( the web server) , MySQL (the database), and PHP (the language). This tutorial is written for Ubuntu.
Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, index.php is first in line on dir.conf and php-gd is installed. I have another WP site up and running on one domain, and another that's accessible by IP address (DNS is still propagating)... But this one site just won't react to any changes.
OK, I've now completely and utterly removed the files, run a2dissite on it, and removed all mention from sites-enabled, restarted apache and even restarted the server.

The stupid file is still there... Looking at me. There's no caching set up on the server, except what is standard for LAMP. I don't understand how
a) It's resolving to anything now that the hosts files are gone.
b) It's resolving to a file that was deleted over 10 hours ago.
What's the domain name? What's the output of this command?

"ls /var/www/"
Also, please pastebin your virtualhost config.