A-record to direct my existing web page to DigitalOcean

September 26, 2019 84 views

I have a webpage but slow (hosting is slow) however, I don’t want to touch the domain there.

Now, I have few new pages want to host in digitalOcean as it is fast and I want to named it as....

May I:

  1. buy a webhosting service in DigitalOcean and have a fixed IP.
  2. add a new A-record in my existing hosting and point to the new DigitalOcean iP.

Is the cheapest webhosting plan also provide IP this purpose?


1 Answer

HI @timwongai,

Every Digital Ocean droplet comes with an IP which you can use to set as your A record.

To answer your questions properly:

  1. You can buy/create a droplet and host your website there without a problem
  2. Yes, you can a DNS record - A record for your domain and use your droplet’s IP

Kind regards,

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