A simple question from an admittedly stupid person

August 4, 2014 566 views

Hi, I'm totally new to DigitalOcean and to Ghost.
Will someone please tell me where I find a step by step guide to the whole process from start to installing and modifying my theme.
At this point I have only been able to setup a droplet. But when I go to the black login panel I can't for the life of me enter my password.
It seems absolutely impossible for a new user to use this system.

1 Answer

Hi there!

To sign in to your Ghost blog, visit http://your.ip.address/ghost/ in a browser. The first time you go there, you will need to enter a name, email, and password. Subsequent visits should redirect you to http://your.ip.address/ghost/signin/ Here you simply sign in with the email and password that you set up the first time.

We've got a number of tutorial that should get you up to speed:

by Hannah Wolfe
DigitalOcean's one-click "application" installation allows you to create a droplet with Ghost pre-installed, running and ready to go in just a few short minutes! The instructions below will take you from zero to blog.
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