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December 26, 2016 2.5k views
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I want to buy a cloud server of digital ocean. I want to create a music streaming project but I don’t known how server type I should use. I don’t known how to configure on myserver. anyone can explain me? Thanks

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What type of client/device do you plan to use with your streaming server? There are a ton of different options out there depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Do you want an audio-only solution or will you want to share other media (pictures/videos) through the same service? Do you want it to be accessible via a web browser or with a specific music player or application?

you could use a plex server. plex is a really cool movie/music streaming setup for ya heres a link and hmu if you want some help with setting it up i can help https://www.plex.tv/

I would like to use and like it

I often use music websites to play music instead of having to own a music server and it’s really not easy.

There are now many online music websites that you do not have to take the effort to learn and create them, https://toqueparacelular.net/ is a typical music ringtone site that you can look over.

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