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June 3, 2013 8k views
Hi guys, I recently got my first VPS here and I'm very impressed so far. I'd love to promote you as I think you offer the best deal to be found right now. But I hate to say, your affiliate program is very weak compared to what's out there. I look forward to see it improved. Keep up the good work! G.
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Thanks so much for your kind words about our VPS. We really appreciate hearing customer feedback, and if you have any specific ideas on how we could improve our referral program, you can post them in the referral program discussion here: http://digitalocean.uservoice.com/forums/136585-digital-ocean/suggestions/3556782-referral-program or start a new thread on uservoice.
  • Digital Ocean is the best so far... I've tried a lot of vps providers and D.O. is just the best! Thank you D.O. and please continue doing the right thing.
  • Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying using DO :)
We structured our referral program primarily with our customers in mind, not so much to compete with other programs out there. We've seen our avid users spread the word about us and we built this program as a way to give back for their efforts. Thanks for your feedback.
I think a small bonus the more referral you get would be nice too
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