Browser : Firefox 85, with No-Script add-on
Local system : like-Debian Linux
Droplet : Debian

Hello, i am new here,

I can access droplet through the terminal and SSH, no problem.
However, I want that installed program to perform its action. And when I close the terminal, the action stops.

So I go to the DigitalOcean panel, “access console” and open a new window.

  1. If the default login is “root”, what is the default password, since I didn’t specify one.

Do I always have to reset the root password at the beginning?

  1. copy/paste, neither with Ctrl+V / Ctrl+Shift+V, nor with right-click and “paste” does not work. How can I paste information into the console.

To find a solution, I had turned off No-Script completely, but it did not help.

Thanks in advance for suggestions

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  • It seems i cannot edit main question?

    AND YES,
    when i paste something, the paste happens to be visible on the top of the window, but not in my command line

    1. Is that possible, that i would two separate console windows, one with running program (occupied), second ready for action? How to do it?

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Hi there,

In order to keep a process running after closing your SSH session, I would recommend using a tool like Screen for example:


That way you can attach and detach from the screen session at any time from different SSH sessions.

The Copy/Paste functionality of the web console is a bit odd; the code backing it is custom due to the way the VNC window is implemented for accessing your Droplet. It isn’t a good idea, in my experience, to rely on the console for long copy/pasting like SSH keys.

I could suggest taking a look at this answer here from @alexdo:



by Justin Ellingwood
In this article, we will discuss how to install and use "screen", a tool that allows you to manage multiple shell sessions inside a single terminal. The screen program is very useful for multi-tasking in an ssh environment, due to its ability to resume terminal sessions and perform multiple-concurrent tasks.

Hi @sobeit2020,

First, let’s talk about the Copy and Paste option. This is a known let’s say feature. Usually, when someone wants to Copy and Paste, we urge them to us SSH rather than the WebConsole. The WebConsole is more for a last resort resource when everything else is not working. So wouldn’t advive you to use it the way you intend to.

Now, you mentioned you have a command you want to run but when you exit your SSH session it stops. There are a few ways you can bypass this, the first one is to use SCREEN. The screen commands, create a new screen in your SSH session which you can detach from and leave the command running inside it.

Usually, it can be done the following way:

screen -S NameOfScreen

It won’t visibly change but you’ll be in. In there run the command you need to run and once you are done do CTRL + A, CTRL +D. This will detach you from the screen seession and return you to your normal shell. The command will keep running. To return to that screen session, you can do

screen -list

See the name of the ScreenSesion and then use;

screen -r NameOfScreen

and that’s it.

Now there are more smart ways to do what you intend like using the service supervisord and stuff like that but it will require some knowledge to use it.


Hi there, @sobeit2020

I will also recommend you not to use the DigitalOcean console for anything else than re-gaining access to your droplet. The Copy/Paste functionality of our web console is a bit odd; the code backing it is custom due to the way the VNC window is implemented for accessing your Droplet. It isn’t a good idea, in my experience, to rely on the console for long copy/pasting like an SSH key.

I will also suggest using screen in order to keep the process running after closing the ssh session.

Hope that this helps!

Nice, thanks for answers,
i will definitely try them out,
that sounds very clear/

but firts, after tornado changes from the weekend, i have other problem,
@ https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/regaining-access-to-droplet-thorugh-ssh-after-original-ssh-directory-is-gone
@alexdo @bobbyiliev @KFSys

Thank you,
Screen is awesome tool, thanks for sharing,

SSH works as well,
thanks for help in both