I see app platform uses basic droplets under the hood, question is, can i use droplet storage as temporary storage somehow or only option is to use a memory filesystem es /tmp ? My app currently requires a few hundred megabytes to do computational stuff

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👋 @frankbmonza

App Platform uses Kubernetes (which runs on the DigitalOcean Kubernetes service) which runs on Droplets. Because we use Kubernetes, your app runs in an ephemeral container so the filesystem that you have access to is also ephemeral.

If your data is fairly static you could pull it in during the build process, then it will be shipped as part of the image. We don’t currently have a way to attach a persistent file system to App Platform apps.

Thanks, actually i need to download some data, process it and then send it back, so data is absolutely not static. A volume claim from the underlying K8S env would be nice as a future capability.

  • I see, okay, attachable volumes is on our radar but I’m not sure when we will be exploring it more as a feature.

    Depending on how long your processing takes it might be feasible to download the data, process it, and return it but monitoring that job to see if it’s progressing because if the app is evacuated to another node or cluster then it would be stopped.

    • Ephemeral storage is fine my only issue right now is that using /tmp I eat up memory and storing 200/300 mb of temporary data in pod memory would not be a good idea

      • Aaah I see, so as you said /tmp is memory, and / is disk.

        You can use /tmp as long as you have memory available, or you could create a /disk-tmp directory and use disk with a slight performance penalty. We provision 2GB of disk space for you to use.

        Of course, both of these are ephemeral, but that doesn’t sound like an issue for you.