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December 2, 2018 1.1k views
Configuration Management Initial Server Setup Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, I have gone through all the questions already asked and no ideas for the problem I’m having. I have installed a droplet with Ubuntu 18.04 and MongoDB. I have installed bigchainDB, everything seems to work. I can access via SSH. However I need to be able to access the droplet via the ip address and in particular port 9984. I can’t access the droplet via the ipdress, let alone the port number. Any ideas? This is my droplets IP address -

1 Answer

I managed to install apache and I also opened up the ports 9984
sudo ufw allow 9984/tcp and restarted apache - sudo systemctl reload apache2

When I access my IP address now, the apache pages comes up. However I need to access no the bigchaindb root url which apparently can be 9984 or 5000. I have opened up both ports and I’m getting nothing.

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