Access zPanel via a Subdomain (Pre-Installation Steps)

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First off, I am totally aware of the article located here that essentaially asks the samething i am asking, but when I attempted to follow it I got so lost my head was spinning. I am a web developer delving in server management. I am looking for a video or instructions on what to do BEFORE installing zPanel so that upon completion of the installation, if i go to; zPanel shows up, but if I go to just, I want nothing to show up until I get the site set up.

I am running Ubuntu 12.04.5

Thank You very much, I apologize for the duplicate question,

P.S. A youtube video would be great if at all possible

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In fact, there isn’t much prior set up need to get zpanel up and running on a subdomain. The installer should walk you through it. One of the first prompt it gives you is for the sub-domain:

Enter the FQDN you will use to access ZPanel on your server.
- It MUST be a sub-domain of you main domain, it MUST NOT be your main domain only. Example:
- Remember that the sub-domain ('panel' in the example) MUST be setup in your DNS nameserver.
FQDN for zpanel:

The only thing you need to do prior to that is to create a DNS A record pointing your subdomain to your IP address. If you use the DigitalOcean control panel to manage your DNS, it would look like this:

DNS panel

For more info, check out:

by Assaf Gordon
Here's some documentation on how to set up and test DNS subdomains with DigitalOcean's DNS panel.
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