Accessing after creation from image

February 20, 2014 2.7k views
I needed to resize a DB I have, so I created an image and restored from there. I have root login disabled, but I figured I could just login with the old user, however it doesn't seem to be able to get in. I also can't access via console. Are users not carried over on image creation? or am I doing something wrong.
2 Answers
did you try to reset your root password and then login through the DO console??

try that and see if it works
The root password was probably changed. You can either use SSH keys instead (this is what I recommend) or simply reset the root password via our control panel.
by Etel Sverdlov
SSH keys provide a more secure way of logging into a virtual private server with SSH than using a password alone. With SSH keys, users can log into a server without a password. This tutorial explains how to generate, use, and upload an SSH Key Pair.
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