Accessing WHM and cPanel on subdomain

March 28, 2016 3.5k views
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I am new at running my own server, but have successfully installed WHM and cPanel and can access them through https://myiP:2087 My question is…is there a way to give it a simpler address, such as

Thanks for any help!

2 Answers

cPanel & WHM contains a feature that does what you are asking. The feature is called ‘Proxy Sub Domains’. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Login to WHM with root level access
  2. Click Tweak Settings
  3. Go to the Domains section
  4. Enable Proxy Sub Domains

More information is available in the documentation:

Note: since cPanel & WHM installs the Apache web server, you already have everything you need to access the cPanel & WHM service via ports 80 and 443.

To the best of my knowledge, the cPanel/WHM daemon does not restrict access to a particular name but instead respond to any name pointed at the droplet. So, handling the name is juts a matter of pointing the name to your droplet.

Translating port 2087 to port 80 or 443 (what is used if no port is specified) would require something like a second server running nginx as a reverse proxy since port 80 and 443 on your droplet are already being used by your public web services.

  • Thanks! I think I’ll just leave it like it is for now. Not really wanted to run a second server yet.

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