Accidental fuser -k 80/tcp

March 9, 2015 2.7k views
Firewall Configuration Management

I know this is stupid and i really regret this, but I accidentally type fuser -k 80/tcp and I just realized I killed port 80 and tcp, and the whole website is not accessible... any command to reverse this. Thank you

2 Answers

That command will kill the process that is using port 80. You just need to restart your webserver. For instance, if you are using Apache run:

sudo  service apache2 start

Sorry, newbie here. I used webuzo to handle the control panel, I thought it is using nginx, nginx and php-fpm has started but the website still not accesible. I tried starting up apache or apache2 but there are no process with that name. Currently using Ubuntu


  • If it's using Nginx, then the command would be:

    sudo  service nginx start

    Do you have a link to the instructions you followed? We might be better able to help if we knew more about your setup.

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