Accidentally locked myself out of WordPress site, please help! General Settings page

November 5, 2017 1.1k views

Hi there, noob here who doesn't know what they're doing. I went into WordPress Dashboard --> General Settings and saw the fields "WordPress Address" and "Site Address" were filled with my IP address "". I replaced both fields with "" which apparently seems to have locked me out of my site.

Now the URL won't work, I cannot access the login page from there, and the only login page that works,, redirects me to an error page every time i attempt to login. Also, when I enter my theme is deprecated, which it wasn't before I made the change on the General Settings page.

Is there any way I can regain access to the backend of my site and change the General Settings page back to the way it was?? Please help!

1 Answer

Looks like it works fine for me. Maybe you need to clear your cache.

  • I tried running "sudo apt-get autoclean" and "sudo apt-get autoremove" and it didn't work. Is there any way you could try take a look at my site and help me? I noticed you advertise these services on your own website. If interested, I am going to message you through your site's contact form, so please get back to me there. Thanks

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