ACCOUNT FAILURE - ALL MY DOMAINS ARE DOWN for no reason and I cant get hold of support.HELP!

February 4, 2019 1.4k views

For some unknown reason all of my sites associated with my account are down. Its a Digital Ocean issue but I cant understand why.

I cant get hold of 'Support'.

Can anyone help??

3 Answers

Please be sure to log your ticket via, there is a current issue with receiving email into Support queues:

I've already raised a Support Ticket in my account and updated twice, also hit you up on Facebook.

Where is everyone??

  • 40 minutes ago the Support team responded to your ticket and asked you for more information so they can start diagnosing, can you please engage with Support there? This is a community forum. Oh and good luck, hope it's resolved soon!

Please feel free to delete this post. The Support Team have no resolved my issue.

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