Account flagged for abuse? No DO support at all.

Posted February 21, 2019 1.6k views
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I created a wordpress site for a client. When finished I added my client’s credit card and deleted mine. And after two minutes the account “was flagged for abuse”, why?.

I have sent several support tickets, and there is no a single reply! It’s been three days! and no one from support has replied anything. My client needed the website ready for this week and can’t do anything. There is no one from Digitalocean I can call, NO phone, NO chat, no ticket replies.

Well, I want to cancel the account NOW, and remove my client’s credit card NOW, but I can’t do it either because the account is “locked”. This experience with Digital Ocean is been complete a nightmare!.

Will anybody from DO reply someday?

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Hey friend,

As it is my job to get you answers, I just wanted to let you know that I am in search of them. I understand that you have received an answer to your ticket, but I would like to spend more time digging into this. I just wanted to let you know that you were not being ignored here in the meantime. It’s going to take me some time to unravel this.


Thanks for your reply, Jarland,

After three long days being ignored by Digital Ocean, and my client ready to kill me, I got a reply, got access again, but the website was deleted “by mistake”!.

So (at least) I were able to cancel my account with Digital Ocean. Thank for your reply but I won’t EVER be a client again. It’s been a nightmare. Really. NO support at all. Won’t ever recommend D.O. to any client of course.

Thanks again for your reply.

Hey @jancar2008,

After reviewing all of the information, I was able to reach a conclusion about this event. I recognize that this event left a bad taste and that you have moved on. I understand and respect your decision. Still, I feel like a matter such as this needs to be seen through to the end so that it does not happen to anyone else. Part of that will be closing the loop by updating this post.

A great amount of effort within our organization is currently being spent on improving processes, automations, and workflows surrounding abuse prevention. This is very important to us, our customers, and the rest of the internet (no one likes to receive spam, DOS attacks, etc). During this process we did see a failure in process and automation which caused your account to be targeted in the way that you described. I don’t want to say that I’m happy that it only impacted one customer, I wish the number had been one less. I do at least want other readers to know that the problem which caused this has been resolved, and that this issue will not place anyone else at risk.

I feel horrible that this happened to you, and I wish that there was some way to make it right. I’m not going to defend it, make excuses for it, or try to water down the message of what happened. It did happen, none of us are happy about it, and we’ve learned from it. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry, and I hope that one day you might be willing to give us another chance. Should that day come, please reach out to me at I would love to help you get started.


  • A similar problem is happening to me right now.
    But not 3 days, it’s been more than a week. You’re failing to “avoid it happening to anyone else”…

    • Hi kuramma - Zach here from DO Support. I have looked into your account, and I see that there were payment issues identified which we didn’t hear back from you about. I have asked that our team reach back out to clarify this with you now.

      • My credit card was cloned and I forgot to add another. I added and paid all in full, but since I got a response from you telling that my account cannot be recovered (as my data), I’m closing all my accounts with you, and I kindly ask that you delete everything you have about my accounts, my data… EVERYTHING. I’m migrating to AWS - hopefully they’ll treat me better than you have.

This is typical of Digital Ocean. Their abuse team is very slow at replying, if they even bother to reply at all.