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I have been trying to verify my account since the last night by onfido but it keeps telling me connection lost , although I have a stable internet connection and I also tried to upload the ID photo using many browsers chrome , edge , firefox and the same problem appears , although the photo size is 35 KB . I also tried using mobile browsers and by metered connection (mobile data) and the same problem

I sent two tickets to support but got no answer

and I urgently need the VPS for work today.

any help , please!
Example link

  • Can you try uploading the pictures directly without having to include mobile phone as an image uploader?

    I recently tried using mobile phone and it worked just fine.

  • I tried by directly uploading the image by desktop and got the same problem

  • Hi.
    They don’t seem to care about this problem. I have already tried downloading my passport dozens of times from different smartphones and browsers. And always have a error - “Connection lost Please try again”

    It seems to have something to do with their crooked settings on Cloudflare …

    [Ticket #3492094]

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Hello, I had the same problem and used a VPN and boom, it happened .

The fix to this , from your mobile use a mobile data connection and a vpn app like (free hotspot shield) and put it on.. then open verification link sent through sms to you and it will accept uploading the images you take .

Hi there @ZiadMostafa,

In our public community, we aim to answer open questions about anything SysAdmin, DigitalOcean and beyond. However, we make every attempt to keep personal information safe and so don’t ever access personal account information here. This means we can’t provide help with any account or billing-related issues.

Do you have a ticket number from when you contacted our support/abuse team so that I can get this followed up for you?

Hope that helps!
- Matt.

I have exactly the same problem!
I tried different browsers, tried to download directly and using the phone, but the same error was constantly the same, the connection was lost -!
What to do?

Same problem here, but I can’t attach the photo. It shows me Connection lost…

I have the same proplem too

stupid cloud service I have ever seen!got the same problem,no solution

what kind of server needs vpn to run a photo check?

I also need help with this, I raised a ticked but no one got back to me. I tried everything but it is still not working. Ticket #2929975

I have the same problem ,too, need help

And I have the same problem ,too, need help

I have the same problem. Tried directly and via frigate, always connection lost

I yave the same problem with verification. My ticket number is [Ticket #3419906]

I yave the same problem with verification. My ticket number is Ticket #3459737

have the same issue. Ticket #03460542
Really weird… Tryed latest Firefox & Chrome browser to upload photo 10x times, but faced “Connection lost. Please try again”

same problem [Ticket #3489784].

Same problem Ticket #3490057

Same problem Ticket [#03500249] I cannot activate account

Same problem Ticket #03537692

Same problem Ticket #03544861

Same problem (Ticket #3554416)

i have same problem [Ticket #3553095]

Still having the same issue in October 2020; here’s how I got around it:

1) Turn off wi-fi and switch to mobile data.
2) Use a VPN e.g. Nord or Express VPN. Someone mentioned free hotspot shield.
3) Copy the link to the page where you upload the front of your DL or passport and email it to yourself. Open the link on your desktop.
4) Send a secure link back to your phone via SMS.
5) Open the link on your phone and upload the photos.
6) Complete the process on your desktop by clicking submit.

Hope this helps someone!


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