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July 3, 2019 199 views

hi, account got locked suddenly and asking verification. i am using my account since more than 1 year.

3 servers are down and no quick reply from support team. what to do ?

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Thanks Matt for your help the account is now working.
I had to pay another 10$ hopefully the refund is going through for the 25$ I registered with.

Thanks again for bringing my issue to the attention of Admin.

verification details already provided in support ticket. very disappointed with such action, since no reply and more than 3 hours servers are down.

  • Hi there @webmitra,

    Unfortunately, as a community, we cannot help with this as we have no control over user accounts.

    Do you have a support ticket number so I can get the team to check in with you?
    - Matt.

    • Please explain how my account has been locked since I signed up?
      I paid for 5months and all I got was a locked account.
      I get security I don’t get how you can lock a new customers account not respond for 6 hours and then leave a msg saying security needs to deal with it and coming on 18 hrs still not have a msg from this security.

      • Hi @bellasbarkingmadsoaps,

        Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as a community to help you in this situation.

        If your account has been locked by our account teams, this is something that you will need to resolve with them.

        Do you have a ticket number so that I can ask it is looked into sooner?

        - Matt.

        • Now it was stopping me from commenting to you saying it was spam.
          So far I have joined this place, I have been made to feel insulted and ignored all at once.

          Now the site was blocking legitimate posts to a moderator?

          [#02833079]<<current ticket.

          • Very sorry that your comments are being flagged as spam, this is likely happening as you are posting many comments in quick succession.
            Posting a single reply to my comment, like you have done here, is all that is needed :)

            I will ask the team to look into this ticket for you. :)

            Hope that helps!
            - Matt.

          • Thanks for your help in regards to my ticket issues have been resolved. Much appreciated and goes to show sometimes it helps to post on a forum. :]

Hi webmitra - we are getting a large number of SPAM complaints from your account. We will need you to reply to the ticket on your account from this email.

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