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Dear sir i have hard time logging into my account. It display account locked but my site is working hosted with digital ocean and form my paypal account i have paid please let me know what is the problem as soon as posibble thank you.
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    1. Created a new DigitalOcean account.
    2. Was redirected to the billing page requesting USD5 payment.
    3. Had chosen the Paypal option.
    4. Payment transfer done successfully.
    5. WSOD - Account Locked. We are sorry to inform you that your account has been locked by DigitalOcean.

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asb May 15, 2014
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Sorry for the inconvenience! I don't know the details of your situation, but if you open a support ticket our team will help you out:

I just created an account and was charged $1.00
immediately after deduction, my account got locked.

I just created an account and was charged $50.00
immediately after deduction, my account got locked.

Happend to me too. Raised a ticket and it was closed without any answer.
Well, DO is not the only hosting company, if they do not want my business so be it …

I think Digital Ocean is getting rich from account locked users.

Hope you guys good luck with The NEVER-REPLY-SUPPORT-TICKET.

still not yet resolved? I just registered with the same step and now I got robbed by 5USD.

Wow. DigitalOcean is raking it in. My account was locked also after providing my card details and their reply was I was not eligible for activation, like wtf? Can someone file a lawsuit if they are really charging us for nothing?

Same issue with me. I was given a series of question and url's to provide to verify what I think it is my identity...I provided more info than was asked for and got a reply back that my account could not be unlocked. There is nothing against the TOS on the landing page we had up. It was a simple email capture page used for pre launch. Only thing I can think of is if someone was sending bad traffic to our page or similar. If someone could help that would be great. Weird thing is...I have another DO account and that one is fine....really weird.

I have same issue with digitalocean, and I find that this problem is pretty widespread.
I can’t buy a droplet so I contacted support. After providing all the information they required, they decided I’m not worthy to use their service, so they locked my account.

I asked them to just delete my account, since my credit card info is still there. My account is not deleted, and they never reply to me again.

I have heard stories of people whose credit card is charged one year after they stop their service, I just hope I am not one of the victims.

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